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Choosing Your First Backpacking Stove

Whether you are buying your first backpacking stove or looking to upgrade or downgrade, there is no shortage of products on the market to consider.

If you are the casual backpacker, like me, it's easy to get wow'ed by all the different choices out there.  We've got Canister Style Stoves, Wood Burning Stoves, Fuel Tablet Stoves like the Esbit, and Alcohol Style Stoves.  And I'm sure I haven't named them all.
The question is...are any or all of these worth the investment?  I'm like most any guy and I like to have stuff.  Having a few different style stoves is fun and can make the camping experience all the more enjoyable as you try one stove this trip then choose another the next trip.  But, like most others, I don't have unlimited resources so I've got to make choices on how and where to spend my money for this awesome hobby.
Before you run out and buy your first stove, I'd suggest you start off with the absolute rock-bottom investment and make your…

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