Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Commuter Javapress Coffee Maker

Simple. Fast. Perfect.

Yep, those are three words that immediately come to mind to describe what I think is every coffee drinking backpacker's must have.

I'm certainly no coffee aficionado, but I like [need, actually] a big cup of hot coffee in the morning to help get me going.  And the GSI Outdoors Commuter Javapress makes coffee making about as simple, fast and perfect as it can get.

Gear Specs:
Capacity: 15 fl. oz.
Weight: 9.6 oz
Dimensions: 3" x 7.8"
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Graphite [Grey]

After a cool night in the outdoors, nothing warms me faster and gets me going like a great cup of coffee and from now on the Commuter Javapress will be a staple in my backpack.  Making coffee with this little ingenious tool is about as easy as it gets.  And the price tag is easy on the wallet.  In fact, I picked this baby up for nearly free with my $20 Member Discount Coupon at REI.

Simple - The 15 fl. oz. container has an inner sleeve and outer sleeve.  The inner sleeve has a built in rubber gasket which holds a water tight seal against the outer sleeve and has a micro filter bottom which strains coffee grounds completely.  The idea is simple.  Remove the inner sleeve, add coffee grounds and just about two cups of boiling water then insert the inner sleeve back into the container.

Fast - There's really no waiting around or 'percolating' time required although a minute or two probably wouldn't hurt.  The inner sleeve has a built in micro filter bottom that instantly filters the coffee grounds from the boiling water as you push the inner sleeve down into the outer casing.  And although the seal is super snug, pressing the inner sleeve is not hard.  It is best to keep the spout open on top as it prevents pressure build up and allows the air to escape.

Perfect - The coffee I've made out of this little charm really has been just perfect.  I've been adding about one tablespoon per cup of water give or take and the result has been fantastic.  The built in micro filter does a great job of filtering out the coffee grounds and I've yet to experience the 'mud' that can sometimes be left in the last few sips in other coffee making systems.

Clean Up is a breeze since the thermal insulating colored cover slips off after taking off the rubber non-slip bottom.  I've popped everything in my dishwasher at home at it comes out looking brand new every time.

The GSI Commuter Javapress also makes for easy carry of coffee, creamer, sugar and or maple syrup, etc. inside the container.  That allows for saving on space inside your backpack.   And the lid is designed with a well thought closure and handle which allows for quick open/close and a spot to carabiner the system to your backpack as well.

Two thumbs way up for this simple, fast and perfect coffee making system.  This too will be a staple in my backpack for years to come.

See you on the trail!


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