Boiling Water - Lid or No Lid?

I've often wondered if having the lid on during a boil really makes that much of a difference.  I guess it stands to reason that it should boil faster but I just had to put it to the test.

Any guesses before I reveal the results?  I'll say this much - - the results were completely unexpected.

Cook System: My Self-Made "Carbon Felt Insert" Alcohol Stove
Cook Pot: The Stanley Adventure Camp Cookset
Fuel: Heet in the Yellow Bottle
Wind Screen: Self Made Arizona Iced Tea Type
Water Temp: ~67 F
Water Amount: 12 oz

Test #1: I started off the test with 12 oz of ~67F tap water with no lid and no wind screen.  Results: The water boiled in 5:00 on the nose.  Not a bad temp rise.

Test #2: After I cooled down the pot and re-filled with 12 oz of tap water, again at 67F I decided to not only lid the pot during the boil test, but I also wanted to add my self made windscreen to give what I thought would be the best conditions for a boil.  Results: OVER 6:00!  Shocking.  Common sense told me that the windscreen had to be the culprit.

Test #3: Same conditions, this time without the windscreen.  Results: 4:40.  Now that makes much more sense and that's not a bad time and fuel savings just for putting a lid on the pot.  Additionally, my temp probe didn't allow the lid to completely seal so I'm guessing that with a tighter seal even more time and fuel savings would result.

Got a trail tip you'd like to share?  I know I'll be diving into alternate wind breaks in the future.  I never would have guessed that my wind break was costing me over 1 minute of boil time.


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